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Center of the Count's Town



The apartment is located in the city center in  the former town hall built by Count Frederick II. In this modern apartment you will be connected to the city, its history, culture and the pulse of the city.

Through the window there is a view of the city street, and partly from the kitchen window you will also catch the Old Castle of Celje - a world heritage.

The advantage of the apartment is its location, from where it is only a few steps to the main attractions of the city. In the immediate vicinity are shops, restaurants, a pharmacy and a doctor, a city park, an skate rink and a swimming pool, which is open in summer. Also nearby are: Šmartinsko Lake, Celjska Hut, Thermana Laško, Sport Airport, Žalec Beer Fountain ...

We are committed to a clean environment and the preservation of the old town. We encourage parking in public parkings located nearby. The old town, however, we want to preserve for "living and enjoying" it. To support this, city (e-) bicycles and Cele Bus are available.


In this way, we promote sustainable tourism and strive for a clean and safe environment. Thank you for contributing this.

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